All the names you called me never added up to Beautiey

You called me what you wanted to make yourself feel good.

You called me names to shame my face & hurt my pride or at least you thought it would.

You called me dirty, black, ugly, orange baby, tamarind, grease monkey, jarhead, booty, coon, nigger, sandnigger, disgusting, child molester, rapist, facist, despicable, racist, prejudice, hideous, overbearing, difficult, tarbaby, stupid, Sundar, mama, little baba, Tarun Tariq, AlSaid, auntie, hardly a Hardy, famous, stylish, mother, smart, genius, state property, greedy, ratchet, thief, tarnished, ghetto, desperate, unbearable, waste of time, rape baby, buildings, daughter, Mrs whatever you are today, lovely, Trinidad, mistake, Tamica, stripper, McClain, disturbed, Ms, sick in the head, bigby, undeveloped, mom, young, brown, dick sucking slit, granny, cupcake, Ms Kyles, whore, bae, alien, exotic, baby, tanuka, my wife, evilene, angel, community property, khubie, rat, sexy, droopy, depressed, mental, bi-polar, ma’am, little woman, madam, unnatural, miss, gal, you, hey, girl, beauty, black, sister, friend, cousin, Plutus Doll, babygirl, darling, Doll, all those names and not once did you call me Beautieyful…..


Broken vessel

Im empty and at a loss for words.

Everyone else gets what they want. Everyone wants their voice heard.

Trials and tribulations is a bunch of bullshit. Ion respect it in the highest even if he can prove it. Stealing is what got you here and it’s all word of mouth. They do everything for clout. I feel like the universe lied. Just cause I wouldn’t quit crying…I did this all for mine to be happy. Once I granted their wishes they left me for dead like a tissue full of crap. I’m invisible no one sees me. They use me to keep themselves healthy.

Well the change has come and no it’s begun, it’s time for Beautiey to disappear again & move like the win forever.

Changing from beginning to end!!!!

No more will I emote, no more will I show just who I pretend to be . It’s time for the world to experience the realest Beautiey Muphuckn Young.

Don’t Cry

Don’t cry 😭 over my pain… embrace it.

The past cannot be changed. No matter how low you can go or how high you get the universe is your limit.

You can be inspired. Make peace with yourself.

Have hope for a better future . You can be inspired. Make peace with yourself. Praise your children for their accomplishments . Choose success, love , energy and power. Forgive yourself for your past shame. Take advantage of this life changing experience. Don’t cry over my pain…embrace it.

You are on a page to a brighter future.





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