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Good morning my joy I really just want to get this off of my chest so that you can understand exactly where I’m coming from so that you know how I truly feel firstly love you continue with the negative thoughts and the negative energy about me rejecting you and we will never get together because of your negative thinking secondly the foundation that we had built first was broken so we have to rebuild and start over the only way that’s going to happen love is if you stop thinking negatively and stop hoping and wishing and saying to yourself what if she rejects me I’ve never rejected you I’ve never doubted you for not one second in my mind I only refuted the negative energy that came from you that’s what you have to understand about me I have been in your corner this whole entire time we have been married for over 20 years and you have yet to apologize to me face to face for the things that you did once you apologize you’re forgiven immediately and we can move forward but until you stop thinking negative about our relationship our marriage our foundation it’s not going to be whole it’s not going to be positive it’s the thoughts that you’re putting in and the energy that you’re putting in that is keeping us separated it’s not me you did those things we both know that I forgave you for those things we both know that if I didn’t love you and didn’t want to be with you and wasn’t trying to mend our relationship and start fresh I would not even give you a second thought I’m going to need you to kill that negative energy within yourself about us so that we can be together until you do that we’re separated with love beauty

Did black lives matter? I can’t breathe!!! Say their name !!!!!

Walking down the street,minding their own business & some starting & ending their day. (Damany O. Kesler) Gaze at the stars look at nature and  take in the  amazement. (Pierre George) Then their wails and cries, screams that pour out of the souls of the grieving families come across my mind.(Lawrence Allen)

When I learned what happened, (Unnamed Male 2008 Everett Washington) I am flabbergasted. (George Floyd)  Since I can’t jog among the neighbourhood without being harassed my neighbour? (David McAtee)

Seeing that as, they don’t like me.(Henry Dumas) In view of the fact they don’t want to be around me. (Michael J Stewart) Before 2009 there was 178 recorded killings by law enforcement in the United states. (Colbert Ferlando)  

They secretly are  racist against me. Is this the case? (Eula Mae Love) Are we considered justifiable homicides like the internet says?  (Arthur Miller jr.) Consider this to be the reason that they plot and aspire to harm me. (Randolph Evans) Its not the color of my melanin that your afraid of; I tell you but the power of my melanin within. (Breonna Taylor)

Owing to the fact that I’m not here anymore. (Justin Burch) In view of the fact, that’s why I didn’t graduate college. (Michael Brown)  Is that why I didn’t have any  birth day parties? ( Jayson M Withers) That’s why I didn’t go to prom. (John O’Connell) That is why my children are without me.(Jose Garza) That is why my family mourns and misses me. (Royal Bingamen)  

That is why they cry everyday. (Eugene Turner)  For the reason that you are jealous of the colour of my skin.( Stephen Johnston) In view of the fact, you are afraid of the power of the melanin of my within! (Jeremy Lewis)  

Did I deserve this to be mistreated to be hated because of the power of my melanin? (Barry Gene Evans) Its not the color of my skin, that you are afraid of; but the power of my melanin within. (Rita Lloyd)

My melanin within me,its magically melanated it is Gods and goddesses given… Unconditionally and Abundantly. (Dannetta Daniels) The Agape power comes from the Omnipotent one. (Frankie Ann Perkins)  In view of the fact that, we are the anointed, ordained, hand picked chosen heirs of GOD!! (Nicholas Heyward Jr)  DIRECTLY (Mary Mitchell)   Which makes us his children!!! (Yvonne Smallwood)  It was  never  the colour of my skin that angered you. (Eleanor Bumpers) You jealous envious vagabonds. (Prince Carmen Jones Jr.)

We are magically melanated. ( Malcom Fergerson)  Your jealous of our mental talents. (Leonel Gonzalez Maldonado ) This is why you poison our minds with trash. (Latanya Haggerty) You are envious of our love for one another. (Amadou Diallo)You filthy brood of thieves. (Margaret LaVerne Mitchell)

You have hosed us down for years with your ignorance. (Tyisha Shenee Miller.) You sicced your dogs on the ones that fed you. (Kendra Sarie James) We fed your babies from our breasts. (Orlando Barlow) You poisoned our children with lies; that their families didn’t love them. (Timothy Dewayne Thomas)

You are the ones that grew the drugs; that our babies became born and addicted too. (Ronald Beasley) You are the ones that stripped us of our hidden glory…(Earl Murray) EXPLOITED OUR TALENTS AS YOUR OWN! (Patrick Moses Dorismond) You created this endless cycle of bad repetitive corrupted energy  ( Linda Yancey)

That energy  has now been dissolved. ( (Marcial Cax-Puluc) for the reason that, we are all woke the fuck up!! (Tyrone Brown) Let the blind drive the blind right into the ocean of sharks.  (Sergio Rosas) Let the deaf continue to be deaf. (David Duncan Clark) In view of the fact that, ( Jesse Carrizales 17)  YOU ARE  BLACK DARK NULL VOID OF LIGHT …

 (Jesse Miller) THOSE ARE THE CHOICES THAT YOU MADE TO BE THAT WAY!!! (Antoine Cantrell)

YOU ASKED FOR THAT LIFESTYLE; NOT KNOWING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. (Schaub Geoffrey) MIND YOU WE ALL REFUSE TO READ.  (Ronald Curtis Madison) Its not the color of my melanin that you  fear.  (unnamed male) However you fear the power of my magically melanated power within. (James B Brissette Jr.)

Why do you think we have the power to forgive? (Henry Ace Glover) You give us the guns and drugs; then preach stop the violence and stop snitching. (Timothy Stansbury)  With all the other false lies that you  can emanate; within your ignorant mind; What have you accomplished? (Ousamane Zongo) You have the audacity to promote negative false positive messages. (Alberta Spruill)

The nerve to say that right is wrong and wrong is right!! (Shem Walker)  You thought wrong I told you that in  sidehoediaries showcase!! ( Oscar Grant III) Yo deaf ass don’t listen b. (Tarika Wilson) You intoxicate us with this poison and tell us to find joy. (DeAunta Terrel Farrow)

How dare you intimidate us and provoke us like we wont go! (Sean Bell) We ride for the power love and glory of God!! (Kathryn Johnston) We die daily for it cant you read the names. (Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones) You want us to say you matter. (Steven Eugene Washington)

When will the live lives matter? (Aaron Campbell) You bow down to dead presidents like they can save you. (Kiwane Carrington) We are gods and Goddesses. (Derek Williams)  There is nothing you can do to stop the light. (Victor Steen) Stop cappin and saying you don’t care when you do! (Raheim Doucet) You want the same thing we want. (Derrick Jones) You want to be heard and to survive. (Danroy DJ Henry jr)

You want to be able to provide for your family just like we do. (Raymond Luther Allen Jr.) When are you going to stop being angry over something you cannot control. (Manual Levi Loggins Jr) You programmed us to belittle ourselves; for the reason that your INNER SPIRIT; is tortured by good daily and you hate it!!! (Kenneth Chamberlain SR) We are magically melanated and we love one another. (Alonzo Ashley)

Yall act like yall don’t need us to hate us cause we are good! (Rakia Boyd) Its over 364 planets in the universe. (Shereese Francis) Its big enough for us all to live abundantly and yall salty! (Jersey K Green) SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL your comical. (Wendell James Allen) A fucken joke!!!  (Ramarley Graham) Say their names and put some respek on it too. (Nehemiah Lazar Dillard) yeah I said it wrote it and acknowleged it all fuck off is how we feel… (Dante Lamar Price)

We are the balance love and positive waves; if you fail to recognize that you will be ejected from the circle… (Alesia Thomas)  You beg for our support and the have the nerve to over charge us for our services.  (Kelvin Poke) Guess what we don’t want to further utilize your services.  Joseph Lumpkin You all have been expurgated. (Michael Cho)  Be free to go about the universe; feel the love & wrath of God. (Aaron Larson)  

This is your due  dilligence  via his judgement.  (Alvaro Zazueta) Killing innocent people for your glorification is worse than genocide. (Donta Manuel)  It is mental suicide.  (Khiel Coppin) You must bear your own onus. (Christopher Eric Cooper) You steal from us and charge use for the theft.  (Frank Ramos) You want us to pay you and beg you for our direct true blessing of God. (Samuel Baker) Where do u get off at?  (Aaron Richard Snyder)…Quick question? (Ronald Brandon)   

According to Wikipedia US Police killings by race category of  the deceased is as follows :

White people 45.4 %

Hispanic people 16.9%

Black people 23.9%

Unknown 9.7 %

Other 4.1% (Aliens)

This information can be found to be current according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. (Mouzon Ronnell)  It is recorded that an estimated  number of 930 persons killed per year; or 1,240 if assuming they are not reported. (Conti Vincent)

Whom are the persons in charge of accurately reporting this information?  (Kelly Wark)  What happens to the people that deserve justice, and compensation but don’t receive it? ( Leonard Parker Jr)  What happens to those children of the deceased? (Chris Cadotte) Do you still have the same compassion foe them? (Alvin Cole)  What happens when the truth is exposed?   (Jason Gora)

What happens to that same energy when that baby is an adult. (John Crosby) And  the lies it was spoon fed, not grew up  or raised Godly/Goddessly wanted never one dead!!! (Marc Dominic Neal)  Hell our children arent shooting up them places of business. Yours are!  You remember Columbine… Did those parents receive Justice for the innocent lives that were lost? (Dominique Antwon Anderson)  Were those also considered Justifiable Homicides?

You remember Waco Texas did those people deserve to die like that? (Thomas Barbosa)  Goin postal came from you!!  (Lionel Morris) We represent positive energy. ( Darius Tarver) Are the babies and children that were killed by law enforcement considered Justifiable homicides? (Shawn MIchael Taylor)  We utilize our energy to Attollo (Uplift Everyone). (Daniel Murillo)  It started with a stone a cornerstone to be exact.  (Michael Collins) Have you forgot the pain you desired for us?   (Sean Patrick Constance)

For the reason that you, pretended to fear my skin color. ( Nava-Saucedo Gaston) It is the power of that skin u really fear. ( Josh Downing )  Stay afraid and void of light you don’t desire change. U beg for it!!! (Zane Blaisdell) 

 It was never my smile. ( Michael Leatherwood) It was never the way I dressed.

 ( Gordon Whitaker) It was never how I wore my hair; but it was the power of my melanin within me. Your false existence appearing real spread like mold amongst the later generations. The urban legends you feared are real. You created it mentally you deal with it the same.  All my children will be reunited with me again. I am their grandmother ,their teacher, their best friend. Their aunt their mother their niece their cousin.  

All these things play a factor In this world today. It wasn’t not the colour of my skin that you feared; but the power of my me within.  It wasn’t the stride of my step or the depth of my voice; or even the arch in my back as I walked away from your b******* .

It was me my powerful self my spirit that shines, my energy within me that connected me to God.  That’s what you are afraid of you are afraid of the spark in my eye. In view of the fact that  you know it will ignite a spiritual fire in the people around me.  You are afraid of the tone of my voice.  Owing to the fact you knew that the sound would echo and carry.  It was not the colour of my skin ! it was not the colour of my skin that you feared.

 It is because of my spongy hair my Melanated skin  is why I  get up and walk with God.

 My magically melanated skin is why I get up every day and fight pretend racism. It is vague to  fear  the unknown. We laugh in your faces and scoff behind your backs. Your fallace days are over. No more fake smiles, laughs labels clothes or love.  I know I am a king and a Queen all-in-one.

 A Queen breeds kings/queens & Gods/Goddesses and brings them forth into the world to be powerful beings.

For this reason they too can leave their imprint in the universe. Whereas you have those that are unable to do those things to bring forth gods and goddesses. Unable to bring forth kings. Owing to the fact that  they are without light.   It is not the colour of my skin that you fear but the power of my melanin within. 

 I am here to tell you there’s no way you can expend  that power from me. Was it just a plot to start racism from the beginning?

  Does black lives matter? Hell naw ain’t nobody black but those void of light and life.  All fucken lives matter one cannot be without the other. That is the way of the universe to maintain the balance of life. It was not the colour of my skin that you feared but the power of my melanin within.  You feared me because of what of my capabilities.  Are you afraid of  me because of my gifts? Yes because you refused to discover your own gift and talents.

 You never wanted to put in the footwork to make yourself great but mock and imitate the works of others and say its your creation…small samples of someone else’s life can bring small doses of their pain.  In the spirit you will be tortured.  You feared me because I am God’s child.  You feared me because I too one day would become a king/Queen . you feared me because of the change . you feared me because you refused to say our names !

All lives matter at the end of the day. It never mattered the colour of our skin but the power of our melanin from within. you feared in major races towards men and women.   

The power of our melanin, from within, is what made you racist against men and women. You ate our food you think  it didn’t matter. Nobody mourns for the cries and tears of the mothers and fathers that lost seeds.  They were build on the Earth; and as their lives of their families were shattered.

  Are you that same person that followed in the footsteps of the ancestors before you? They are the ones that started this mess.  They caused the issues.  Do you still wear that same smirk on your face? Will  you smirk as you watch the lights go out of their faces. Will you scoff as you watched the life drain from their eyes?

 Were you the same father and mother that listen to the cries from their families on TV and on the Internet? Will u smile at the dead faces on T-shirts? Do you sneer at the faces on fliers? Do you shed real tears at the  candlelight vigils? Do you release balloons or place teddy bears on posts? Are your faces wet with tears; crying out to God? For the reason that their family is no longer whole. How does it make you feel? Lets act like im the therapist and  you the client,  lets keep it confidential. Were you aware of all of the different flavors of chocolate? From the purest white cocoa to the darkest sweet semi sweet bitter chocolate …Taste it and see you know its good…

Real and true I wont tell a soul. I wont betray you like you did me. I wont blab my mouth to those that aren’t worthy of whispers. I wont betray your trust and embelish your desires and secrets.

I wont take your most sacred gifts and throw them to the sharks. I want you to know that you’re no different than they are. Your ignorance is showin and slippin pick it up!   It is  still about the colour of our skin.

Now that the corona-virus has rose  their is no discrimination thanks Bill and Melinda Gates for breaking the internet.  We all have to cover our mouth and nose. Except for y’all President LOL Donald Trump!!!

 Sickness does not discriminate nor is it racist. It is poison it is everywhere. It is on everyone’s face. Can we hide the fact that we work around potential virus carriers daily. Ass backwards you’re looking at 1.  Your staring at 1 . Your assuming it’s one.

Your not sure!  That’s 1—> Have you ever seen it?  Were you there?

Absolutely not!! Who told you that lol. Is that being racist? Were you there when racism started? How do you know that it’s real ? Your only going by how your ancestors felt. Are you still those people who desire that same power inside? It makes melanated babies. Are you  on the rise?  Will you be able to control the power inside?  Can you handle it?  Do you feel it ? Do you see it ? Do you see the Shine?

 Thank you for showing me your true weakness. IT is showing through your eyes. Thank you for showing me your true colour inside.  Its not hate. IT’S INDIFFERENCE.

 Bless those families that lost loved ones before their time.

 God is going to use them in a wonderful way right before our very eyes. ALL LIVES MATTER DEAD and ALIVE!!!

P.S A special shout out ti the families of the surviors and may God continue to strenght you in your lifes journey. Thanks @hippyblaine for being a ray of light in my darkness Thanks @GlenntheOne and only for encouraging everyone its much needed in some of the darkest places you all are amazing big facts… love you guys

On the shores of God

Here where the water waves slap the salt against our bodies for spiritual cleansing our flesh becomes soft. We cleave to the coolness that the heavy waves provide giving us hope for the next day. Millenniums roll by like the waterless clouds in the sky is it daylight yet. Seashells washes to and fro as the sand massages your toes. What a glorious way to release ur stress and woes. All in a summer’s day u can wash your journeys away refreshing your mind cooling ur body strengthening your spirit and brighten your flesh so that they can see Gods Anointed at their best.

Sidehoediaries Couples Edition

Dear Diary::
Shadow and Torrance
Oooo weee is he y’all and I bet his dick touches his shoe laces this dude got it he cute he y’all he got pretty skin I bet he make pretty babies… yeah yeah I know diary I gotta quit doing that shit.. this dude got it but loves with his mama and I think he lying about being 17 cause I skip school damn near every day an ion remember seeing him at nonnnnnnne of those in this county. Lol he probably in go to school at the juvenile home. Any way he cool asf tho he come get me daily in his daddy car a takes me to hearty hamburgers where I smash for free. We go to spring valley park and smoke sip and listen to the latest hit . His homeboy Shach is cool as fuck he got his own recording studio he stay shooting and whooping biggest asses about his bread. Ion know nobody that fuck with them frfr . Hell his sister Black would beat the brakes off any bitch that pull it.. I like Torrance I’m scared to fuck tho ion want no more kids rt now. Bad enough I’m in foster care after being detained for ptsd (give me my baby back) ion feel like crying so I’ll just write a poem for him
It wasn’t me it was them they were jealous cause we didn’t need them I stand on my own two feet to make sure u eat by any means necessary choke a bitch burn a bitch drop a bitch in da dirt I promise it won’t be a day that goes by that u won’t have a new shirt I’ll get u back and we gonna Be good as soon as I can convince these fools that I’m who I said I and and yes I would fight fire brick tooth and nail just to have u home I’d send em all to hell.. thanks for the joint Torrance I really needed it… it helps me get through these emotions I’m able to concentrate and focus my writing has gotten better because of what u said of u can’t express the truth without all them emotions floating in you head.. make it true and not all about you and You’ll be good you got something a real talent that can get u out the hood. Don’t let nobody hold you back not even me. Cause if I seen u gettin not cheddar cheese that me in subject to rob you and I put that in me!!!! You my girl right now and I need some gas if ion get $10 to put in tank pops gonna kick my ass..so with that being said put 5 on it or get out and walk.. I gotta pick moms up at 6 o’clock she don’t like hoes to know where she work not that I’m calling you a hoe that’s just a term I use and it works.. fuck u Torrance and that shit u on imma give u $5 just to shut the fuck up and move on …

Sidehoediaries Couples Edition

Dear Diary::

Roger and Linda
I want to have a husband like my dad when I grow up.. I know that it perfect relationships exist I witnessed this for 40 years (don’t do the math it’s not accurate)
Listen y’all Roger was what a husband is supposed to be a provider protector gentleman and a lover a family man and great friend. I don’t ever recall them having any real enemies except for their backbiting ass family members they know whom they are. They were completely jealous of Linda and her grandeur. She was elegant (RIH Mommy) and graceful. She was beautiful and intelligent she could paint like God. She was an excellent cook my father gave her everything. He always bought her flowers and when she wasn’t looking it was always a shiny bracelet or necklace on the shifter of the car. He had a great way of sharing gifts they never cheated on each other their was no need intimacy has a way of showing out non-sexually. They both taught me that of a man cannot be intimate with you without having sex he doesn’t truly love you. I commend them my Dad is Great don’t get it twisted he doesn’t play bout Marie big facts… He loves hard and she loves just as hard in return.. I remember Kelly (neighbor down the road tried to make suttle passed as Dad and still smile in Linda’s face… my mama didn’t yell scream argue or fight she sent the chick a funeral wreath with her name on it.. after that mommy was invited to every gathering they had which she respectfully declined she didn’t want to seem like she needed friends she had her husband and he is all the man I will ever need her exact words.. I hope that Nayvadius is just as grand I think about him all the time hopefully he can visit me after his tour I can’t wait to see what he has brought me. I love my gifts I never ask him for anything and I’m not thirsty for diamonds if he buys he buys if not I’m good cause I know he always has something better in store for me he’s perfect just like my dad.. now all’s I have to do is overcome my fear of love and we will be perfect . I love him and I’m in love with him I’m just afraid that I’m not good enough to love him the way he desires whatever that means….Well enough about that Diary I gotta get some rest big recording day tomorrow..my show is doing exceptionally well I have to keep my listeners engaged I’ll see what other funny quips I can come up with until we record again Sidehoediaries drips and not drowns…with a little chandelier shaking in my face maybe lime green pink purple or citrine and I cannot leave out the foot gear my feet bling drip and shine either way I’m drippin baby sidehoe is out!!!!

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